Sign me up for the newsletter. I bought a virtually new D2 driver at my local pro shop at a bargain after trying out 3 other new driver model versions. Am considering getting fit for a Titleist Driver. I mean you can always adjust the launch with the shaft and loft of the club. Perceived distance loss on mis-hits; decent for directional consistency, requires more precise ballstriking than some.

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Game-Improvement Drivers We tested: The D3 is the easiest to manipulate shots with high or low, left or right. It also depends on the swing speed. Tell us what you think of the Titleist D2 in the comments area at the bottom of this page.

Sign Up for Newsletters Receive insider analysis, swing tips, equipment news, special offers and much more. With the D2, using the stock Voodoo shaft the flight, both the spin and launch angle seemed more controlled. I can see it leaving, but then lose titleist 909d of it about yards later. The tuned sole has pockets and an titleist 909d rib titleist 909d reduce vibration and provide solid feel and improved sound.

New! Titleist 909DComp Photo

If you’re looking for real value for money from a driver that will last you years and will not depreciate, the Titleist D2 is the club for you if price isn’t the sole factor in club choice For months I suffered using other cheaper 9009d, but once I mastered using this driver, my game is now truly set for mid to lower handicaps.


It looked fairly traditional and conservative and took a bit of getting used to. I loved both the DComp and D2. Titleist 909d think it’s fairly forgiving compared to my previous R7 TP Driver, and I can titleist 909d control the ball flight like I titleist 909d able to do with my R7 unless I tinkered with the weights.

Media Reviews Golf World. The titleit family includes the D2, DComp and D3. The D3 is designed to deliver titlleist mid titleist 909d with low spin.

Titleist DComp Driver

Each stick has a CNC-milled trapezoid face titleist 909d in the middle, thinner around the perimeter—to maximize ball speed across more of the face. I just don’t want something that balloons on me If titleist 909d want a sweet, professional sound, confident re-assuring shot every time you tee off – this club delivers.

Titleist 909d D3 is also titanium with a smaller cc head for 90d launch and low spin, ideal for very low handicap players and the DComp is a composite titanium and carbon head for High launch and mid spin. A curved sole, titleist 909d hosel and internal ribs all contribute to sweet feel and sound.

Titleist D Comp | eBay

Five hot Tour strokes and the putters that fuel them. I bought a virtually new D2 driver at my local pro shop at a bargain after trying out 3 other new titleist 909d model versions.

However it is in the performance of the club where the big changes have occurred as all 3 of the Titleist 909d models are much more alive than the previous models.


It comes with the Titleist Titleist 909d Voodoo shaft low to mid launch with lower spin or Titleist Diamana Blue 65 shaft high launch with moderate spin. Titleist drivers have always looked very classy and for all you Titleist titleish out there you will be pleased to hear that fine tradition has been continued.

T itleist D2. June 22, at I love the sound and feel. Does anyone know titleist 909d forgiving the D-Comp Driver is???

Write a Review Rate This Product: Best in class for feel—testers embrace the informative, firm signal through the hands; consistent, stable, dependable club; better players can titleist 909d advantage of its workability; great titleist 909d for the consistent ballstriker; slightly lower ball flight than most; responds well to subtle swing changes; classic, good look. LAst year their fairway woods and irons titleist 909d excellentbut their drivers have a trend of sucking.

Please login to post a comment. Check below for the breakdown of the titleizt models and see which titleist 909d will fit your game best. Initially, I hooked and sliced a few titleiist, but once I found the most suitable address stance by choking down on the grip, I have been averaging yards titleizt straight onto the fairway, 1st time, every time, without any problems!