You want to verify that your Windows system is configured properly so that it is capable of handling real-time data transfer before you install the corresponding streaming application. Nothing really needs to be addressed for that and you will not need it. Thesycon offers complete solutions consisting of embedded USB software and accompanying host-side device drivers including driver installers. No software installation is required. Unfortunately, many existing device drivers do not conform to this advice. The Thesycon system includes a Control Panel for debugging and setting options.

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If theshcon are using this operating system then you are set and connecting and configuring your device the same as in the Macintosh setup is all that is required.

You can find out the driver which causes the excessive DPC latencies by disabling individual devices using Windows Device Manager.

Thesycon – USB Device Drivers for Windows 7, 8, , and Windows 10

You want to check if a particular computer system is suitable for streaming applications, for example before you buy this system. You can thesyon delete the driver installation folder and the downloaded zip file as all the files you need to run have been installed in their appropriate place.

It will pop up a thesydon with your system information. IoT for Smart Things. STMicroelectronics may change or discontinue its partner programs or its products or services at any time and without notice.

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Registration fees will be charged. While there is a pre-emptive multitasking for threads, DPCs are executed sequentially according to the first in, first out nature of a DPC queue. If you are on earlier versions of the operating system, then you will have to download the upgrade before your device will work.

Nothing really needs to be addressed for that and you will not need tehsycon. The most recent value is shown as the right-most bar. At this time the installation will match up the driver to the device and inform Windows and the associated control panels, Thssycon and other items to be installed.

Using this tool may be helpful in the following situations: This is because by design Windows is not a real-time operating system.

In the figure below, a typical problem scenario is shown. Note that the Deferred Procedure Call concept exists in kernel mode only. Communications Equipment, Computers and Peripherals.

Thesycon Driver for CONCERO

To meet professional audio requirements, the audio class driver is optimized for low latency and low CPU load. Each bar represents the maximum DPC latency that occurred within one second. The driver provides an ASIO 2. Wizard style user interface for interactive use Command line interface silent mode for integration into overall software setup Customization possible.

DPC Latency Checker

A device can implement a playback data path, a recording data path, or both. When it has been downloaded go ahead and extract double click the Streamlength folder to your desktop. The self extracting program will create a Streamlength temporary directory on thesjcon desktop and then try to run the Window Setup program located in the new folder. Data processing in such device drivers is interrupt-driven.


ST will retain your browsing history and use details of the products and services that you have previously accessed, purchased or downloaded to make suggestions to you for other products and services which ST believe you will also be interested in. Any data transfer performed by the device driver takes place in the context of this callback routine, named DPC for short.

Latency analysis can thesyvon stopped by means of the Stop button.

This statistical data is queried and displayed on screen once per second. Computers and Peripherals Data Center. Who We Are Management.

The output suggests that the Windows 8 kernel performs badly and introduces a constant latency of one millisecond, which is not the case in tehsycon. Products and Services offered: Although STMicroelectronics has attempted to provide accurate information on the Web Site, STMicroelectronics assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.

In Device Manager disable individual devices, one at a time. Threads are managed and scheduled for execution by the dispatcher.