Further information regarding Maintenance kits. Ricoh toner cartridge cyan , TYPE Saulvedis from Ledmanes pag. You may be able to find that by looking at your printer’s ppd in a text editor. Ricoh toner cartridge black , TYPE

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Ricoh drum color (420243, TYPE145)

Ricoh toner cartridge high capacity cyanTYPE Printouts that are becoming weaker are a sign for empty toner cartridges. Ricoh transfer unitTYPE Ricoh toner cartridge high capacity magentaTYPE More information about the same problem can be found in this post: You would have to know, however, what PostScript command works with your printer.

You are not logged in. Ricoh toner cartridge yellowTYPE Ricoh drum blackTYPE Ricoh toner cartridge blackTYPE Stephen, If there are any color images in your form, PlanetPress will choose to print color by default.

RICOH – Aficio SP CDN KP-Plus Inc.

Hi, you need to know how to drive the needed feature, it could be in the PPD file of the printer, if this is the case you then need to go in your format menu of the design tool 401dn choose Document and then Advanced paper handling and apply the proper command.


Printers are subject to natural wear, which makes exchanging various wear parts indispensable from time to time. Secure order process More than Find out more here about Toners. I found a post that uses Talk to set the printer into grayscale ricohh but still unclear how to achieve this.

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Ricoh toner cartridge high capacity blackTYPE Laser printers need toner as a colouring agent, just like inkjet printers need ink. Ricoh toner waste binTYPE Even if the images seems black and white, it may be saved as a color image file.

Ricoh toner cartridge cyan rcoh, TYPE Print Topic Switch to Threaded Mode. Waste Toner for Ricoh Aficio SP C dn Some laser printers dispose of separate waste toner boxes, which fill up slowly and must be replaced now and then. Saulvedis from Ledmanes pag. Worn drums manifest themselves with streaks or spots on the printout.

Further information regarding Maintenance kits. Add to your Watched Users. Order here the appropriate waste toner box online!


To get the PJL command you will need to contact Ricoh support so they may provide it to you. You may be able to find that by looking at your printer’s ppd 410d a text editor. If all images are black and white make sure they’re saved as monochrome imagesit should print black and white.

Ricoh Aficio SPCDN Specs – CNET

At some point, it is also worn out. X Forms to PlanetPress 4. X Forms to PlanetPress 5.

Ricoh toner cartridge magentaTYPE Ricoh drum colorTYPE Switch to Threaded Mode.