Something of note here is, the drive we duplicated held a fully functional Windows 8 install. Here we have single disk JBOD numbers. Yes, for the most part. Transfer Rate USB 3. Simply plug the source drive to Bay-1 and the new drive to Bay-2, turn on the EZ-Dock3 power and simply push the clone button to begin. I wish it was hot swappable

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Kingwin EZ-Dock 3 Stand Alone 3.5/2.5inch Hard Drive Duplicator Dock

Needed it to access two gb drives from a dead laptop. If you leave drives plugged in the the drives are exposed and if you take them out the sata slots are exposed.

If the drive you were iingwin was an OS drive, you can throw the new one into whatever computer you are working on to make sure your OS boots up ok. Seeing this in the picture i can’t detract from the overall rating. Don’t quite get normal usb 3. If the destination drive is larger than the source drive, the remaining partition of the drive that was not used during the cloning process will be converted as an unallocated partition.

I mentioned a moment ago that you will want to make sure the destination drive is formatted. You can still repartition and format that partition as another extra logical drive. Designer, Editor and Product Reviewer Poc Network Ryan is an avid gamer that spends most of his time either commanding teams on the Xbox One or out on the grass kicking the soccer ball around when others are willing to take the challenge. A closer kingin at the dock reveals the open structure to the device, with support for both 2.

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I wish it was hot swappable though.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The EZ Dock 2 is one of the more unique docking stations in that it encompasses several additional features in comparison to what we normally find in a storage solutions such as this. Top-Loading Bay hot-swap and screw-less Max.

Yes, for the most part.

Over and over the dock’s usb connection was terminated with an error that device had failed. Thankfully no errors or disconnects. You can now plug the dock into the USB of your computer and see that all the files were transferred properly. Not exactly the best speed, but it gets the job done.

The backside of the dock houses the USB 3. NuBryte Touchpoint home assistant by Lucis Technologies.

Kingwin EZ-Dock 2 USB Docking Station Review

Do we have a winner? This item should be compatible with Windows 10, with speeds being similar to earlier operating systems. It was an older drive, so more than likely was a compatibility issue.


Beyerdynamic launches their new Beat Byrd in-ear headphones Alexa, shhhh, this is so creepy—whisper whisper Top 5 of our favorite headphones for Allan, Due to the copyright protection they enable, likely not. In the photo above, we have setup two Corsair Neutron SSDs to test the duplication function of the dock. Worth the price with good functionality. Fortunately outletpc has an excellent return policy.

By OutletPC Shopper on I’ve experienced this with 4 different drives, so i know it’s not drive specific. When i tried to clone a drive, the unit failed. As for duplication, the EZ-Dock allows you to duplicate one drive to another easily, without even having to be connected to your computer. The slot closest to the controls on the back is your source, and the slot closest to the front logo side is your destination.

Each slot can handle a drive up to 4TB in size.