I was really debating between the or I do know there was a manufactoring issue with some of the earlier straps and not being able to pickup signal. Can this be shown in different formats e. It takes me about 2 hrs to swim 3. This seems to limit some of the on-bike usefulness of the XT when it comes to power meters.

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Will suggest this on our Facebook page! I recently completed my garmin forerunner 310xt triathlon using my xt in Swim mode and noticed that while the distance was pretty close to accurate the time was way off. Never been a big deal for me, but for some it maters.

Thanks for the awesome review! Unlike the previous one which requires you to forernuner it into your running laces, the new one just snaps in place — taking all of 2 seconds to install.

I forgot to say. Are you aware of why that would happen? This means in the event of significant force against the watch, the load is distributed not only against garmin forerunner 310xt the quarter-turn release, but the against the entire backplane of the watch, garmin forerunner 310xt opposed to gorerunner a garmin forerunner 310xt pin hole measuring approximately 1 millimeter in width.

At the end of the Forerunner and were introduced, with color screens, Bluetooth Low energy BTLE; allowing connections to some smartphonesand, for the only, a touchscreen, Wi-Fi allowing automatic activity download and enhanced “running dynamics” given by an updated Heart rate monitor.

I travel a fair bit, both for work and for fun. This would remain in the swim cap for the entire swim.


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Mac software… Ant Agent only works if you are running a 32 bit kernel. The Smart Recording has been a bit of a dissappointment to me, as I want to have very accurate route data of my orienteering trips.

Obviously this makes the distance measured a bit longer. I went to a nearby lake on one of my trips and made a simple triangular course between the boat ramp, and two docks garmin forerunner 310xt opposite sides of the lake. Not sure why, one by one garmin forerunner 310xt the side buttons kind of broke or came out leaving me to use pins to switch on and use the buttons.

Garmin Forerunner – Wikipedia

And in fact, the Garmin Edge recently had this feature added. Then you re-attach just the metal pins to the black mounting bracket see above, garmin forerunner 310xt hand side of photo to the Garmin itself.

Just purchased a foot pod and I tried it on my even though I have a on order. This tells the XT to garmin forerunner 310xt stop recording when you stop, and then resume when you start going again.

The New Garmin Forerunner XT Openwater Swim Mode…In Depth. | DC Rainmaker

You can check out my full review of it here — complete with all the details you could ever want. When combining this functionality with the quick release kit I talk garmin forerunner 310xt later, you really have the perfect triathlon watch all in one device. As garmin forerunner 310xt in my original post I was concerned the GPS would be unable to cope with the densely garmin forerunner 310xt areas in which I run to include some deep, narrow ravines with heavy growth above.


In auto multisport mode, is it possible to display more than just time and distance eg, can you get the 4 data fields that you have chosen, say, for running?

Right now the garmin forerunner 310xt is just too prohibitive, but if the price were to come down in the next year I would go for it, mostly for the extended battery life on an Ironman.

June 1, at Thanks for garmin forerunner 310xt my auction and good luck! The software has made some major improvements since Garmin forerunner 310xt first reviewed it when the came outwith a steady stream of updates over the past 18 months.

I was on the fence about upgrading immediately and your review convinced me to garmin forerunner 310xt until my device breaks down. You can see the two straps below in the picture:. Basically, during my race, I would like to press the lap key at every posted mile marker at the marathon and track if I am behind or ahead.

Hi Ray, recently I downloaded the new 2. Your pictures have quelled that concern. Hi DC, First let me congratulate you for the extensive, comprehensive and absolutely no match work like you do! The difference can be as much as minutes in an hour. I love having all the data but am not mechanically minded enough to find out on my own which gizmos will get me the data that I want to track.