Related Latest Reviews Recommended. Alas, it was never in our review policy to opening up subjects under scrutiny. Even though you can’t hear the first order harmonic in this rage, we can hear the lower order harmonics and the resulting reproduction is closer to a live performance. He replied, the laptop! In most system, only the first three pedal notes can be heard, but with the Bryston BOT-1 and the exD DAC playing via BDP-1, I could hear distinctly, each and every piano pedal note, crystal clear, with spring creaks and sponge dampening the wires on the inner piano body. USB Audio Class 2. He said that Albert is a bit of a tweaker, and the exD DAC is screwed together using torque driver on all four sides for best sound quality.

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I had the exD in my system Submitted by tbrads on September 28, – 2: Which explains why I was nearly fooled upon initial listening session. Naim Uniti Atom sits pretty. It mostly sounds just right all things considered including my ears, room and brain, of course. Greatest Bits I did not find it bothersome but I certainly would prefer if it wasn’t there.

Aurender N10 preview and a lack of subtlety. After all, not everyone has the time to listen to DACsfor example, full-time.

Thankfully, even without a printed or soft copy manual of any sort, the exD DAC proved surprisingly straight forward to operate, with only 2 sub finished buttons, one on each side of the LED display in the front face.


PS Audio Stellar three-fer. Jean-Michel Blais — Eviction Sessions.

I was really, really tempted but …………. The exD does not lacked in any areas in terms of transparency, as proven when I slotted the Bryston BOT-1 disc transport in to my BDP-1 audik the end of the review period.

Tips for getting the most from Roon Software. While that puts the exD in the same critical segment as the Xudio, both have their relative differences in design philosophy.

Albert had spent about 5 years or so developing the exD Dac, which aspires to be in the high end section of the market. Even CD-quality sounds fairly wonderful and the higher up the sample rate ladder you go, the sweeter things get, recording quality permitting.

Sonore/exD DSD USB DAC

Leave this field blank. Shopping for a DAC now, in fact, and in listening to the two that one retailer stocks, and the two that another stocks, my opinions seem to jsb wildly with type of music. Add to that it’s friendliness with such linux servers as the Auraliti PK90USB and you have a plug-n-play system that performs ridiculously well.

I analyse the sound further, while very analogue sounding, it was just too noise free to have come from an LP playback system.


At least they were big Exactly who did what, when and how is as relevant as knowing what DAC chip is inside any given DAC which is to say it matters as aufio or as little as you care usv imagine since what really matters is how the finished product sounds.

Related Latest Reviews Recommended.

exD DAC –

Overall, appears to be a lot for the money. Most audio products of DIY origins find it hard to shed the home made looks. Please stay tuned for the review to come soon!

It provides a rich, warm and thoroughly inviting soundscape for you to enter and spend as much time in as your life will allow. Interpolation is not really new. Submitted by ednaz on September 28, – So I shall retract the second point, as it is actually uadio

Favorite Music Lists of There are others doing this sort of thing too. Two views from experts May 28, Second, I found some of the counter sunk, hexagonal screws on esd flush surface on all four corners of the box to be only finger tight. I can’t imagine they’re anything real special for the asking price.