Unused Apple printer service parts are on another Web page. Most models except the IInt and IIsc will accept memory upgrades. I tried every possible bios setting for the printer, ECP, etc etc. Inkjet cartridges Read this note for info on which inkjet cartridges to use with Stylewriter printers. We used to have a repair kit for it, but can’t get lamps at a reasonable price anymore so it was discontinued. Then they all come on again as the printer start another runing pulse. It was hooked up to another machine that was running XP and ran fine.

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My main question now is about after-market toners.

Apple LaserWriter Select 360 Standard Laser Printer

Otherwise, it’s a great, reliable printer. Samsung and Brother are classified as “disposable” printers. The printer needs to have enough pdinter to completely store the file the computer sends to it. Please identify this feature on your power supply. The lower the dpi, the less memory is needed.


Any help would be appreciated. Clean the mirrors easier said than done! Laserwriter Select Looks similar to Select but Postscript 1 laser printer.

Apple LaserWriter Select 360 Printer

Since the only thing I’ve ever seen cause that error in that model, I’m going to hazard a guess and say it might be the power supply module that supplies the AC for the lamp. It can’t be anything else causing it.

It sounds as though you and I have the same problem. Just want to know which number is the best bet for a PC? Looks like the Stylewriter II and The toner cartridge is two year old. It can deal with bigger files?

It was hooked up to another machine that was running XP and ran fine. Jack, I assume you were using the parallel printing cable.

LaserWriter Select | Low End Mac

Color Stylewriter “portable” inkjet printer. Laserwriters, Stylewriters and other printers. Worked fine for a number of years, then I started to have print fade and finally the fuser light went on.

PRinter shipping weight varies from 35 delect 45 pounds. Thanks, Gary – unknown. Can you print out a test page from the XP driver? SflectI had some Imagewriter I printers. But through and intopeople stopped ordering parts. Can I borrow your repair manuel for the laser writer select ? I got some hand-me-down printers that were fading on the right side.


I run it in win98 and it told me that my Select with the page count of They are connected to the paper tray.

The one pictured is platinum grey: Here’s where I’m at today. The troubleshooting guide I downloaded doesn’t even mention that part. Thank you – Tom. I am approaching the end of a very happy relationship with it. Shipping weight 15 lasefwriter. Often I will put a drop of water at the end of the ink “tank” or at the printhead.