MacBook family inch Air Pro. Also known as the Apple Standard Keyboard , it was the first to officially use this name. It has a slim form factor which, in addition to looking great, helps ensure that the keyboard is rigid and strong without needing to be large or heavy. Coinciding with the introduction of the iMac G4 in , Apple started making its keyboards white. S4 W series bit: This Command option was specifically designed for use in Mac OS and has been present on all Macintosh models since

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Apple would later reuse the name for a series of successive keyboards. This enables users to type without making a sound, and the short travel keys are very easy to use. In the mid’s Apple released the Apple Newton sub-mini keyboard to allow a quick input alternative to the Newton’s handwriting recognition, which required extensive training to become useful. During the 90s, Apple offered various styles of keyboard, including the large extended keyboards which included the features of their IBM PC AT counterparts.

The older keyboard design is bad and the left enter key has problems. The Apple Apple Adjustable Keyboardwhich was sold optionally, was Apple’s entry into the ergonomic adjustable keyboard market.

Is there a difference between Apple Key board A and Apple Keyboard MBLL/A? – Apple

This keyboard contained keys ANSIand retained the single folding leg on the bottom. It keyboaed the heaviest of all the Macintosh keyboards leyboard set the standard for many typists. Released and sold with the iMac in this became the new standard for all Macintosh models for the next two years. The keys are smooth and therefore your thumb sometimes seems to just slide over the spacebar rather than make a solid connection with it but that could just be how I personally type I’ve never had this problem with any other keyboard.


Apple’s advanced keyboard, the first to be sold optionally, was essentially a redesigned version of the Apple Keyboard, with an enhanced extended keyboard with FKeys and other PC-style keys. The new model is much thinner than its predecessors, requiring less wrist flexing and a slightly lower keybaord position for most users.

Apple A Wired Keyboard

Current MacBook family inch Air Pro. It also marked a return to the standard keyboard with integrated keypad with the enhanced cursor keys above the keypad. Suggested reasonable cost to you for this keyboard: Current A series bit: The keys are very sensitive, w1243 punching or pounding needed, but you get a lot of typos until you get used to it.

On March 3,Apple introduced an additional keyboard to their latest line of keyboards. It came with a separate keypad not sold separatelythe first to do so since the original Macintosh a12433. You’ll have to glue it down as there are no obvious screws or clips to reattach near the edges.

In the same year, Apple introduced its first separate keyboard with the Lisa ; it incorporated a numeric keypad and lighter taupe-colored keycaps. It included template guides above the top row of function keys to accommodate shortcut key references which accommodate many software packages.


Later the Platinum IIe would incorporate keybard numeric keypad into its built-in keyboard. Compared to my old Apple keyboard this one is far superior. This was the first major redesign of the Apple keyboard, featuring more fluid, curving lines to match the look of the new Apple product style.

Show More Show Less. The keys themselves have a decent amount of spring behind them and each make a satisfying, soft click sound so you know you when you mistype.

Apple A1243 MB110LL/A Wired Keyboard

Some of these keys have unique symbols defined in the Unicode block Miscellaneous Technical. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Skip to main content. Released as an option keybkard for the popular Apple IIe computer init helped correct some of the II series’ shortcomings. Based around a PowerBook form factor it also included an optional built-in trackpad and leather palm rests. Incredible touch combined with great looks This page was last edited on 9 Decemberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.